Sunday, 26 October 2014

Note to Self....

Same tree. 
A few weeks ago.
 Dad came to visit, to do some grading for us; so while we were out putting split-posts along the new, freshly-graded fence line, we weren't terribly concerned when we saw the smoke billowing about where we thought dad was grading. Being a bit of a pyro, we thought he had lit up a stack of logs or something like that. I called him on the two-way, "Dad, are you ok? Or did you light that?". The response wasn't completely clear but I heard, "I'll call you back in 10 minutes". So we finished unloading the split post off the truck and headed home to get a new lot. However, when I got to where I thought the smoke was coming from, it was much further away. (Very deceiving in timbered country). A call on my mobile from Dick confirmed, "the dump is on fire and has taken off". Bugger! So we raced home. Luckily dad was on his grader and putting in a break around it. Meanwhile Justin and I struggled in vain to get pumps to work and water to fill the fire-fighter unit. Eventually we got some success but most of the fanfare was over. Dad had got most of it under control and we put out where it had jumped the break in a few places and our strainer posts that had caught fire. 

Luckily the wind was blowing away from the house even though we have a pretty large cleared, 'safe zone' around the house it was still a pretty fierce wind and could have been a bit scary if it was coming towards us. Despite the fact that it really isn't the best time of year, that country really did need a good burn; plus it only burnt a relatively small area so we were pretty lucky all round.

Lots of these fellas enjoying the spoils. 

My pyro husband lighting a circle around me. 

"You better move now" he says. 

Does he realise I'm going to put this on my blog I wonder?

My face says it all, "unhand my camera you cretin" 

Jumped the break, "oh no, not the pangola" 
 So that was our bit of excitement for the week. Note to self...... put a fire break around the dump! Just for such an occasion.
Time to cool off. 

Hope these little fellas are right, they have been on the band wagon for a while. 

My gate building for the week 9 cocky's gates. Not professional but they will do the job!!

Back to putting posts on the line. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Back to work. Yay!

It's lovely to be back at work. Here are some pics from the first week back. Don't worry (all you mums) I'm taking it steady.

I got a bit excited about these photos. Justin was less excited. I had not seen a whirlwind like this before (bit sheltered). Justin was like, "Oh I've seen them like that before...... with fire in them!" I was just jealous.

Getting some work out of dad's army buddy Dick. Got some work done once we had four people on the job. Makes it feel better cause you can see progress. It's a bit steady on your own or even just with two. 

Gate sticks and levers for Justin's 15 gate fence. 

My welding efforts. Took longer than you might think. Note to self; wear a mask, gal is not nice to weld, made me pretty crook. 

Burnt my belly. lol. Muuuuum I have a shirt to mend. (I don't sew)

Dad built a dam; which over the past few years of record rainfall, has backed up heaps of water and caused a number of trees to die. Made for some fun pics. 

Not this one, it was just a dead tree lol. 

My one poor little lone mango.  

Dad's bees are not where they should be! 

Like I said, I've been taking it steady. I was meant to be fencing when I took these.

Justin's fencing while I've been away.

Nothing like looking down a new fence line. 

This is not new! 

The garden ------>

This little fella, I have affectionately named "eff off".

This is why!

Exhausted after my first week back at work. Even though I got to break it up with a trip to town for a bull sale and of course Justin's birthday bash (which was only relaxing after it was over). Just got to get my rhythm back I think. Sitting here blogging listening to "Over the Top with Macca", for those of you who know it, you may be having a little chuckle like I am. I have not heard it since I was in primary school, good stuff.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


You truly have no idea how difficult it is for me to keep a secret from my husband!! For months now, I have been fabricating lies, telling my husband that I was to be in the town on Friday night (17th October just past) and that I would stay the night and come home the next day. Our friend Sandy had lined up two bigs days of work, over the Friday and Saturday for the two of them. So they would go into town to the pub for tea on the Friday night. The plot got thicker and thicker and there were more and more people involved in the elaborate ruse. It all went off perfectly and Justin was completely oblivious. If not a bit disappointed, that the "couple of friends" we were going to have over the following weekend weren't really coming (the diversion party as I called it).

I appologise that a lot of these photos were out of focus. But our objective was to have fun and fun we most certainly had. A lovely night was enjoyed by all!  

Me apologising for the surprise lol. Him telling me he "was not happy".

This was me thanking god that I finally pulled it off and could relax now. 

Great crowd of locals and friends attended. 

Pinata died before it was even hit. Justin was also very disappointed that this was found by the kids first. 

There is a tale to be told about these next photos. About 10 years ago, there involved a incident with a fire extinguisher, alcohol and a group of young men. Needless to say things got messy and the person doing the extinguishing last time, now got his own back. That's all I'm going to say. Although 10 years is a long time to hold a grudge.  

Very entertaining 

I think my poor father was mortified.
 There was dancing!

This photo was taken at 1:30am. I think I had been forgiven by this stage lol. 

Mum and Sooty off to bed. 

Bubbles, fun for all ages! 

Thinks he's so clever! 

Trying to hog tie the birthday boy. 


Was such a great night and despite the few sore heads in the morning, it was a lovely way to celebrate a 30th. Unfortunately the fishing expedition afterwards was not so successful. Not a fish!

Hair of the dog, this one definitely had bones in it!