Thursday, 14 May 2020


I really love this time of the year. Cool nights and warm days. Cool enough to sit in the sun and enjoy a cuppa but yet warm enough that you don't need to wear half you wardrobe to keep warm. 

As far as my knee goes, as I mentioned in my last post, I was going to be out for 6 weeks. Apparently this was optimistic and I guess I should have known better, because when the injury actually occurred, I said to the big fella "I've really hurt my knee", which I wouldn't normally say, but I did hear something snap. So yes, true to form, when I do injure myself I normally do a good job. Sooooo, surgery on the 2nd and I have to do physio up until then because the better range I can get in it before the op, the better the outcome of the surgery. Well so they tell me anyhow. This means that I won't be back on a horse or back running for at least 6mths. I was rather upset about it, but there's not much for it, just got to get on with it. 

So, I'm in limbo a little bit at the moment, trying to get a bit of range of movement in my knee but not really able to do everything that I would normally do. However, this has given me the opportunity to take the kids out in the afternoons and take a few photos. 

Not sure why, but this is one of my favourite spots on our place. I just find it so calming.  

My little mud monkey.

Sometimes I take a photo and I just like, I can't always pin point why I like it, but the above one is one of those. 

Love these old girls would love to turn one into a garden feature. 

Something, not quite right here. 

We found this next out in the middle of one of our paddocks. I would love to set up a camera and leave it there to try and capture their parents feeding him. Cool little chap. 

Mum and Dad


Cause one day, she won't want to cuddle me in her sleep. 

My tribe. 
One month of healing. 

Mother's Day. 

I was very spoilt with cooked breakfast, great coffee and a very loving card and book. 
I'm so very blessed to have a mother as beautiful and resilient and caring as mine. She has endured so much through her life and yet she still remains so kind and caring and undeterred. I have so many close friends who do not share the same relationship with their mother, as I have with mine and I appreciate just how special the bond we have is. She is so precious to me. 

My anniversary present finally came in the mail! Love them! 

Best way to spend mothers day. Love this mob! 

Kaka just loves it. And there's something about my daughter having a white pony, as I did when I was her age, that's a bit special. 

My little mud rats! 

Here are a few videos from what we are up to lately.

Garrett learning how to use the drill..... which ended up with a non-supervised incident of him drilling a hole in a brand new tyre..... *insert: omfg-myownfaultfornotwatchighim-face here*
Fishing with dad. 
Someone has learnt to climb on the roof. 
Happy as larry with her orange. 
I took a few time lapse videos of me working my horses and one of these videos happened to catch the moment on impact when I hurt my knee. 
The kids learning how to crack their whip. 
Kaka using my exercise pedal thing. 
and dad taking them for a bit of a trot in the yards. 

So this has been our life for the last little while. I wish I could say that being laid up has left me feeling full of energy and ready to go, but I'm honestly just a bit tired, maybe my accident was the world's way of telling me to slow up a bit. 

Hope you are all still safe and well. Everyone will have to share their favourite series for me to buy for when I have my op.
Be cool everyone!