Friday, 23 February 2018

This one's for you.

As I said last post, there was a charity rodeo on in Springsure and over 6000 people made the effort to attend and it was such a credit to the organisers, volunteers and everyone involved. I think they made over $125,000 but I'm not 100% sure on that figure, as I thought it was more than that. It was all done in the name of suicide awareness for our youth and if it saves just one person from taking their own life, then it was worth it!

These photos were of Cobi, having a crack at the steer ride. 

Love this one with brother Zac looking on from the top rail on the fence. 

Love this one too! 

Sheree, Me and Mel
Everyone wore blue or purple and despite the heat, it was a lovely day out. Justin couldn't make it because we were having ongoing water dilemmas, so Grandma was left with Garrett, because I didn't want the two kids in such a big crowd..... especially with master G being very adventurous now. 

Uncle Arron with baby Jess, she was far more content with him than I so that's where she stayed most of the evening. 

Still with uncle Aaron despite the fact it was way past bed time. 
An amazing effort to put on such a massive event in such little time and for a really worthy cause. I'm not sure how we teach our babies to value their lives and be resilient of outside influences, this sort of thing scares me to death and I'm not sure how these families deal with such heart break, my heart bleeds for them.

On a more upbeat note, Valentines day this year I was very spoilt with a bucket full of crab!!! OMG, that husband of mine is a keeper I tell ya! 

More preparations for CMC!! Mum and I got some pannikins! And I got a supply of grog to last us for the weekend! Now just got to find a place to hide it.

Cuddles with my girl, she's getting big! 

Love these pair!! 

So I have another song for you This one's for you. There aren't many of luke combs that I don't like, he's pretty darn good! 3 weeks to go!!! So excited! 

Have you had any rain? We've had a bit here and there, I'm not sure how much all up, but the grass is green again and my lawn is not dead anymore which is a saving grace because with all our water dramas, I had nothing to water the lawn with for a while. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

When it rains it pours.

The past few weeks have flown by in a blur. Last weekend we drove to Brisbane to see my cousin Jess for her surprise non-baby, baby shower luncheon. We broke the trip up by stopping over in Bundy to visit baby Jess's "cousin", Elizabeth...... oh and her mum and dad too. 

We did try and get some nice photos of the pair of them, but as you can see, our models were a bit tired and not in the mood for being photographed. Elizabeth is 2 weeks older than Jess, although by their due dates, she's supposed to be 2 weeks younger but she was in a hurry to get here and if she's anything like her McCartney father, she will be in a hurry for the rest of her life!! 

Best friends in the making I think!! Or hope at least. They are both pretty darn cute. 

Grandma and the babies. 

Three generations! Three Kerrie's.

As you can see, Jess is still the most gorgeous pregnant lady you would ever see. Absolutely gorgeous. (See my new skirt Aunty Kaye, thanks for helping me size test for it when I was too pregnant to fit). 

Two of my favorite girls. 

It was so cool to be able to surprise Jess with our visit and even though our visit was not as long as we would have liked, it was still really lovely to be able to catch up! 

The weekend prior to this we ventured out to Springsure for Mango's baby shower. 

Glowing mother to be. 
It's a bit sad that so many of our mates live so far away. But good that we can always make the effort to catch up. 

Mango and Thomas

Mel's boys Zac and Cobi and Sheree's two, Bethany and Zac

Sheree and Jess 

Me and BJ

Sheree, Me, Cobi and Mel

We took some time out and went for a swim in the dam! It was so wonderful, just to be able to ride a horse for fun, not have to do a job or train the horse... just have fun! 

We even made it to the dam for spin in the boat. 


Thomas and Greer

Justin, Garrett and Dave

Even Garrett and dad had a lap in the tube!! 

Something tells me that he might be a bit like his parents and not real fussed on water! 

My crew on a lazy morning. 

I managed to get out and about for a couple of hours to have a look at some of our freshly stick-raked country! It's looking amazing! Love being able to drive along all the fences easily. 

As has always been the tradition, mum and I have spent every Australia day together, since forever. So because we drove to Springsure on Australia Day, mum and I had lammingtons and ice-cream for breakfast (of course). 

Gotta love those big eyes! 

Lot of travelling this past few weeks. 

Yes, that's permanent marker and yes they are my favorite shorts. 

Maybe he's been watching me too much lol. 

AAAANNNNDD Someone turned 2 today!! Wow! My gorgeous little boy is growing and learning so much. I love sitting and watching him figure out new things. 

He got a new car, from Grandma and a nerf gun from dad..... and mum forgot to buy him anything. Mother of the year here! 

I did make him a fish cake though, even though he didn't recognize that it was a fish. 

He seemed to enjoy it, he managed to blow out his candles and rip open his presents. So he's getting the hang of it. 

This weekend we're heading to a charity rodeo at Springure. Seems that when it rains, it pours with all the tripping around we've had lately. Speaking of which, that's one of my new favorite songs when it rains it pours. I have been listening to all the artists that are going to be at CMC this year and my picks are Randy Houser, Luke Combs, Brothers Osbourne and Darius Rucker! What an awesome combination!! I'm so excited. 

Have been out and about lately? Got any artists that you're a fan of?